Big Week!

This is a big week in the Horton house! Our oldest child turned 10! Landmark of double digits! We officially have a “tenager” in our midsts. As per usual, she asked probing questions of the day she was born- what time EXACTLY? what did we do the night before? when did she crawl? did she cry a lot? what were her first words? when did she get her first tooth? and do we still have the clothes she wore home from the hospital?  Somehow, I do remember most of the details without consulting her Bible – aka baby book.  We peruse a few photo albums where we thought it necessary to document every expression.  But there’s one photo that has always catapulted to the top of my list of favorites.  It’s a simple giclee black and white picture of just Libby and I.  Her side profile precious. Her curly locks of hair naturally flowing, with a bow of course and an innocent loving smile on her face.  It resides on my neatly cluttered desk. I often look at it and instantaneously I have a grin on my face.

18 Months Libby and Me

18 Months Libby and Me

It seems even more appropriate to me this week, as we launch MagnaReady on a larger scale.  I can’t help but draw inspiration from this photo.  It’s just a mother and daughter sharing a tender moment and doing something we all take for granted – buttoning.  Something so insignificant to most of us, that is until you or your loved one are unable to do it on their own.

So here’s to 10!  Here’s to MagnaReady! and here’s to the beginning of independence!

3 thoughts on “Big Week!

  1. You found the photo!!! and I’m a crappy friend for forgetting that she just had a big (HUGE) day yesterday – though she did get an incredible new Lilly friend 🙂 I know that your launch will be BIG – you and your family are pillars in my life and your unwavering commitment to just “doing what is right” makes me want to always follow step. SUCCESS is ahead no doubt!!!. GO MAGNAREADY!!!!

    • You are too kind! and it’s you and the forge ahead, reach for the stars mentality that I am always following! Thanks for always picking up and picking me up when I call!!!

  2. Libby is a special kid, excuse me tenager, and part of a wonderful family. Lots of big things happening at the Horton house this week. So happy for you all. Can’t wait to hear part two of everyone’s successes.

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