Birthday Wishes

I recently celebrated a birthday.

As I blew the candles on my perfectly pink homemade cake

I wished …..

That UNTIL there is a cure there will be compassion and understanding for all.

Understanding = Campassion

Education + Understanding = Compassion

Game Changer – American Express Open Forum

A huge pause as I read a note from a players parent this morning.

“Coach Horton originally recruited Clif  for his O-Line scholarship at Boston College. Thanks Coach! You changed my son’s life. We are praying for you.”

Then I read and re-read again.   “You changed my son’s life.”

Some in athletics (and the greater world of life) think that because Don has Parkinson’s (or someone has a disability) it diminishes his (or their) abilities, passion and effectiveness on and off the field (job).  I will always take umbrage to that.  In every locker-room that I have ever stood in, there are signs of perseverance and motivation.  Don (and all who have disabilities) is a living day example of those true testaments.

Overlooking someone because they have a disability is the lowest display of power.

Overlooking someone because they have a disability is the lowest display of power.

MagnaReady was selected as a American Express Open Forum – Game Changer.  We help people improve their daily living experience BUT I am lucky and proud to share with my children that their father, Don Horton, changed lives.

Game Changer -by Carla Turchetti

Game Changer
-by Carla Turchetti


What She Does: Horton has designed and brought to market a line of men’s dress shirts that have magnets infused into the buttons. This makes it easier for those with diseases, disabilities or injuries to dress themselves in professional wear. “We are a company with innovative solutions for limited mobility apparel,” Horton says.

How She Started: Horton’s journey to create her first shirt was a very personal one. Her husband, Don, a former football coach for North Carolina State University, has Parkinson’s Disease. After one game, he was in the locker room and had difficulty buttoning his shirt—one of his players, Russell Willson, now a quarterback with the Seattle Seahawks, had to button it for him.

“He was embarrassed,” Horton says. “There aren’t many things with Parkinson’s that I can help him with, but this is one challenge I decided to take on.”

Why She’s a Game Changer: After hearing about that locker room incident, Horton ordered other shirts to see if she could find something that worked for her husband.

“They just didn’t meet my standards,” Horton says. And after carefully looking over the available options, mostly with hook and loop closures, Horton called on her background in design to create something she would like better.

“I had always been interested in design and I noticed that the tech world was turning to magnets,” Horton says. Inspired by tablet covers and purses with magnetic closures, she created a dress shirt with magnets as well. She had to find the perfect magnetic strength that made it easy enough to open and close but strong enough to keep the shirt fastened.

What’s Next: Thanks to the success of MagnaReady shirts, the company is about to add more products this summer.

“The outcry for women’s apparel is huge and we are about to launch that,” Horton says. “We have secured the patent rights for hospital patient gowns and we are going to debut children’s coats.”

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The idea for the children’s coats was also born of Horton’s family experiences. After struggles bundling up toddlers for blustery Northeastern winter days, she wanted to simply design something to make life easier.

Advice for Other Entrepreneurs: “Mentoring has been huge to me,” Horton says. After stepping away from the design world to raise her children and then diving back in with the launch of MagnaReady, Horton says she relied on advice from other professionals across other industries. “It’s good to be able to run things by other people,” Horton says.

And she has one other piece of advice: Don’t ever give up.”

Meet more ambitious entrepreneurs in our Game Changers series.


James Brown, Russell Wilson, Johnny Bench and Don Horton- Real Life – Real People – Real Solution


Thank you James Brown, Russell Wilson and Johnny Bench

Thank you James Brown, Russell Wilson and Johnny Bench

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, college football coach Don Horton struggled to button his shirt after a football game. The situation inspired his wife to start MagnaReady, a company that makes shirts that are buttoned by magnets. James Brown reports on how the shirts are helping people with disabilities.

CBS Morning Show – James Brown and Our Story

CBS Morning Show with James Brown And Our Personal Story

CBS Morning Show with James Brown – Our Personal Story

Please tune in Monday July 8th in the 8:30 hour to CBS Morning News and hear our personal story. Most of you know how we came to be but there are other factors driving us to be and do better.  Thank you James Brown!

MagnaReady and FOX News – Jonathan Serrie

Jonathan Serrie sporting MagnaReady

Jonathan Serrie sporting MagnaReady

MagnaReady with FOX News and Jonathan Serrie

Magnetic shirts offer independence to people with disabilities

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They say necessity is the mother of invention. And in the case of former NC State Football Coach Don Horton, it was a desire to maintain independence while living with Parkinson’s disease that inspired his wife to come up with an entrepreneurial solution.

Maura Horton is CEO of “MagnaReady,” a line of dress shirts embedded with magnets so that the wearer doesn’t have to fumble with buttons.

She says the inspiration came four years ago when her husband returned from a game feeling embarrassed. The disease had affected his hand movement so much that he had to ask one of his players to button his shirt.

“It was humbling,” Coach Horton said.

The conversation spurred Maura Horton into action.

“There were a lot of challenges or changes he might have been going through that I couldn’t help,” she said. “But that was one I thought I would try to get to the bottom of it.”

She used her skills as a former children’s clothing designer to create high-end shirts with buttons, and button holes, that were purely decorative. “Buttoning” the shirts is as simple as lining up the magnets and hearing them click.

“They made a tremendous amount of difference,” Coach Horton said. “Having the confidence to get done what you’ve got to get done and what you want to wear.”

More recently, Don Horton stopped wearing magnets to avoid interference with a pacemaker-like device he received to deliver electronic stimulation to his brain. But the deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy has improved his mobility and he is once again able to button conventional shirts.

Meanwhile, Maura Horton, who started selling her “MagnaReady” shirts online in January, has seen her home-based office flooded with orders — not only for people living with Parkinson’s, but arthritis, stroke and even war injuries.

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Independence Day!!

Happy 4th of July!

From our family to yours! Happy 4th of July!

Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.  ~Louis D. Brandeis

MagnaReady to be on FOX National News

FOX reporter Jonathan Serrie Modeling MagnaReady

FOX Reporter Jonathan Serrie Modeling MagnaReady

Stay tuned to FOX National News. MagnaReady will be on this holiday weekend.  Jonathan Serrie and the FOX crew came to Raleigh.