The People You Meet Along The Way

I have been fortunate to meet many new people along our new path and I couldn’t be more thankful.  Same theme exists throughout our conversations; family love, pride and immense respect for their loved ones ability to maintain their dignity.  This picture was sent to me from a families Father’s Day celebration…..He’s 97 and we think he looks GREAT in his MagnaReady blue pinpoint oxford! Thanks for sharing Ann!

At 97 And  Couldn't Look More Dapper

At 97 And Couldn’t Look More Dapper

“He put it on and told me it started closing on its own! He was so happy since he has great difficulty with buttons

Dear Dad,

Sometimes you read something that makes you pause.  I often wonder where our 10-year-old gets her wisdom.  I believe she may just have an old soul.

Father - Daughter

Father – Daughter

Libby’s Fathers Day letter closed with……I couldn’t wish for a better one.  I love you with or without Parkinson’s.  You’re the same in my heart.