The Gift That Keeps Giving!

One of the greatest gifts that I am receiving this holiday is pictures and stories of your loved ones in their MagnaReady shirts.  Some of you I have had the pleasure of speaking with directly and I so enjoy putting a face with the name!

Please keep sending.

One face, one shirt at a time – we WILL change the way limited mobility or disability look. We are all in this together!

The pictures of your loved ones in their new shirts are making our year!!

Here is a picture of my Dad–Richard Richardson– in his MagnaReady shirt.  It was a big hit and the quote of the day was:

                           “WOW–NO BUTTONS!”

Wish i had video taped it, it was SO well received!

Thanks again Maura!


Lucky’s Real Tomatoes


“Top Find” From The Stroke Network

Thank you Stroke Network – The Center For Stroke Recovery for selecting MagnaReady as a “Top Find”!

Top Find: Dressing After A Stroke


A Review From Rehab Management Magazine

Thank you Rehab Management Magazine for the review! Whether your disability is short term, like a broken bone, rehabbing your way back from a stroke or something more permanent – we hope our adaptive wear product can help!