Kindness Does Exist

Stumbled upon this today.  I don’t think Don has talked to Coach Etch for years now, but some, in this brotherhood of athletics, are truly kind.  Thank you Coach for thinking of us and sharing our story.

Be Well!

Always Brothers In the Athletic Fraternity

Always Brothers In the Athletic Fraternity


Worthwhile Departure for You…Sent Thursday, June 20, 2013


I was doing some

research about a

football coaching

acquaintance, & i

came upon these two

web pages:

...some folks say:

"Necessity is the

Mother of Invention..."

...i was aware of

Don's battle w/

Parkinson's, but

was trying to learn

what he's doing


...This was somewhat

of a departure from

what I generally

share w/ You, but i

thought You may get

something special from

either, or Both...

...i have